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Mobile applications have made the digital revolution accessible to anyone with a smartphone with an internet connection. An MSc program in App Development from Mizoram University will prepare learners to design, develop and commercialise mobile applications using fundamentals of web engineering and mobile communication technology. Give your career a leg up with a Masters in Science (App Development), designed to help learners all about mobile application development and deployment.

Course Format:



2 years


Any passed Graduate or equivalent through ( 10 +2 + 3) and Mathematics in Higher Secondary of recognized University/ Board . Additionally, In case of Post graduate Diploma qualified in Computer science or statistics , Mathematics is not mandatory.

Applicants with relevant work experience of minimum two years shall get relaxation in the eligibility conditions for all PG programmes.

About the Program :

Program Overview:

MSc in App Development is a masters program offered by Mizoram University as an online 2-year course. Through this course, learners will understand all aspects of mobile application development & deployment. The MSc program is designed to familiarize the learners with app development from the perspective of businesses and end users of mobile applications.

Programme Objectives:

  1. This course will critically analyse the key concepts, theories, standards and frameworks of application development.This degree is designed to give you the skills to get ahead with the learning of application development towards the transformation in our economy and society.

MSc in App Development from Mizoram University:

MSc in App Development from Mizoram University has the same weightage as any regular MSc in App Development course. Upon successfully completing all modules, you will receive a Post Graduate Degree from Mizoram University that is recognized all across the country and abroad.

This Is How Your Degree Certificate Will Look Like:


1. Constant Learner Support:

We provide a responsive support system to learners as they navigate through this MSc course. This includes providing any help you might need in accessing course material, assistance in attending live sessions or queries regarding objectives of this course. Upon enrollment to this course, you will be provided with contact details of the learner support team.

2. Doubt Resolution:

Along with our learner support, you will also have access to a panel of experts for doubt resolution. For any subject specific queries that may arise during the course of your learning during the MSc program, you may post these on the student dashboard and the same will be resolved by the empanelled experts.

3. Networking:

During the online MSc program, you will have the opportunity to network with your classmates, subject experts and guest lecturers through online interaction. Beyond the discussions, dialogue and doubt solving, this also presents an opportunity to create a network with professionals from different walks of life with a rich give and take of knowledge and experiences.

4. Career Counselling:

Learners of the MSc program are provided with career counselling towards the end of the course to help them chart a career roadmap with an execution plan. This counselling will provide you with the information required to explore career opportunities in App Development and allied areas.

5. Interview Preparation:

Interviews have become an integral part of recruitment, promotions and freelance assignments. We help learners prepare for interviews by helping you practice answering frequently asked questions and preparing responses for unexpected or challenging interview questions.

6. Job Assistance:

This MSc program has been designed to make you ready to take up new challenging roles. Towards the end of the MSc, we provide you with job assistance so you can bag a job profile that suits your abilities and aspirations.

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